Shuruat / Entrees

Enjoy this tasty and mouth watering snack, which includes some of chaat’s key qualities

Taj Specials

Don’t forget to taste Taj Specials. You will be amazed after enjoying this special dish.

Indian Bread

Enjoy a great selection of breads: garlic, cheese, onion kulcha, and many more.

Taj Special Thali Meal

Enjoy lots of items and dishes in one meal. We distinctively made the Thali a base of the carte du jour.


Our special rice tastes great with any vegetarian curry. You can also enjoy rice pulao or other rice dishes.

Taj Dosas

Taj Dosa is our specialty and it reminds you the real taste of South India. After enjoying our special dosas.

Indian Chinese

You can not go past our delicious Indian Chinese dishes. We have a great selection of Indian and Chinese cuisines you must try.

Lunch Specials

Don’t forget to taste our Lunch Specials. Our lunch menu is special and suits every pocket.

Side Dishes

You will find the most tasteful side dishes here.Our side dishes are our plus points.

Daily Specials

Our daily special list includes jalebi and lots other items. After eating jalebi, you will have a taste of Punjab.

Weekened Special

Don’t miss the chance to taste our weekend special food or other items. Our weekend special items will amaze you really!


Our desserts list is too long. You can get what you want. Whenever you have a chance, enjoy this.


Our beverages are special too. So when you are here, taste our unique drinks that you had not tasted before.

Taj Sweets

The special Taj Sweets are extraordinary. Enjoy and send a box to your relatives and friends too.